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5 Easy Life Hacks to Detox Your Life

I think some people are inherently fearful of the term detox (some even claim that detoxes are a farce) and what this may entail, but seriously, in today's world, you can't avoid doing at least these 5 easy hacks to get you up and going and feeling good for the longer term inside and out.

1) Your Environment

Load-up your space with some awesome indoor air purifying plants such as the Boston Fern, Spider Plant or Peace Lilly. According to NASA's Clean Air Study these can help remove toxins and improve air quality.


Playing chants such as Om Namah Shivaya has also shown to nullify negativity and bring peace and harmony in an environment cooling the mind and any agitations.

Lastly limit screen time and electromagnetic waves especially in the bedroom and switch off the wi-fi at night if possible.

2) The Largest Organ of your Body: Your Skin

Our skin health is imperative to our overall wellbeing and is often the first to give us a sign of something not quite right. The skin absorbs ALOT and then we go and put more 'stuff' on it. We need to be more mindful of what we are adding to the skin.

If you are using products on your skin, whether its creams, deodorant or make-up, PLEASE use vegan, organically sourced products that are free of not only animal testing, but Parabens, SLS, BPA, and are eco-friendly and recyclable. Shankara Skincare is one of the purest forms of skincare so natural you can actually eat it! It's Ayurvedic in its formulations and purely organic. There is more product information on my website.

It's good to scrub your skin every few days with a natural loofer and also give it a good oil with either Organic Virgin Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil for optimum health benefits (see Abhyanga Massage).

If you are seeing some signs of skin issues/rashes/redness, try Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on the site before you try an antibiotic or steroidal based cream. Tea Tree oil also works well as a natural antiseptic application. Have a little garlic, up your water intake, cut down on wheat and dairy products and see the difference.

3) Oral health

There has been alot of evidence to show that if your oral health is in good shape this will reflect well in other parts of your body. Most toothpaste's out there are sold with the claimed benefits of fluoride for dental health and longevity but it is also a very well known neurotoxin. There are studies in both camps so make up your own mind but the use of fluoride especially when ingested directly through water has shown to:

- impair the function of the pineal gland responsible for the

production of the melatonin

- cause nervous system degeneration

- be a developmental neurotoxin and can lower IQ

- effect progress of depression and alzheimers to name a few.


Just like our skin, the mouth absorbs ALOT, so why add to the extra toxic burden and go with fluoride-free, SLS and paraben free toothpaste organic if possible. Thankfully there is alot available on the market today. Personally I recommend Sri Sri Tattva's SUDANTA Charchoal & Salt Gel. It tastes good and it does the job well.

You can buy it here:

Oil-pulling with organic virgin coconut oil also does wonders.

4) Internal Detox

There are SO many ways we can do a 'detox', with so many programs available today. It is important to be well prepared and to do one that suits your body constitution. The science of Ayurveda does this so well naturally and has been proven to work for over 5000. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and veda (knowledge).

There is an amazing upcoming retreat to India which will incorporate an Ayurvedic detox program at the amazing Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma Retreat Centre, along with specialised programs in yoga, meditation, breathwork and vedic culture in January 2020. Please message me for more details.

The body has its own mechanisms for detoxing every day, actually every exhalation is an inbuilt detox. (see Sudarshan Kriya - Cleansing breath and Pranayama). So, learn how to breathe well and pay attention to this God-given gift we very rarely notice or are greatful for.

The foods we ingest have a major part to play in our holistic wellbeing. This is why we are reminded over and over again to eat organic locally sourced food that is in season. Farming and agriculture is certainly not what it use to be and the dawn of genetically modified organisms are wreaking havoc not only with our gut but with our brain and most systems in our body.

Get to know and support your local farmer's networks and start your own little veggie patch. Like me, you might find that you are surprised that you have a green thumb :D

I can't reiterate enough the need to eat fresh vegetables over processed, canned or meat products. It's just plain and simply proven to be MUCH better for you, more sustainable and it just makes sense not to hurt other sentient beings.

Foods such as lemons, ginger, celery, beetroot and all greens are all very good for detoxing the body naturally and gently. Lots of hydration (filtered water) of course too. And, use pots and pans that are not coated in toxic materials avoiding as much plastic in all its forms as possible.

Throw out your microwave (thoughtfully).

5) Your Mind

We need to look after the mind after all the overworking we do with it. We need to nurture it, cultivate it and make friends with it too.

Did you know that thinking about the past in the form of guilt, anger or regret, and the future in the form of fear, worry and anxiety, can create toxins in the body? It's amazing to know how our thoughts have such a direct effect on our health and wellbeing.

Again and again bring your mind to the very present moment. What are you doing now? What are your sensations, feelings or thoughts at this moment?

It is so important that we learn how to let go, and this is the real art of meditation. (See Sahaj Samadhi - Art of Meditation). We need to feed our mind and soul silence, the act of doing nothing and being ok with this which is increasingly getting more difficult in today's lifestyle.

Just attending to these few basic changes can make a BIG difference not only in your life, but in the lives of loved ones and the wider community.

If you would like personalised guidance or advise with regards to living a holistically clean lifestyle and mentoring on your food choices and patterns, please get in touch with me for booking a discovery call.